Use of Content and Licenses

Most of Heyv Studio digital artwork listings are available for purchase under the following 3 licensing options:

  • Personal / Small Commercial: use the artwork for personal projects and/or create and sell up to 100 units of end product. 
  • Commercial: use the artwork to create and sell up to 500 units of end product. 
  • Extended Commercial: use the artwork to create and sell up to 1,000 units of end product. 

If you wish to use Heyv Studio artwork to create and sell MORE than 100 units of end product, then you must purchase the COMMERCIAL or EXTENDED COMMERCIAL license options.

NOTE: You are strictly prohibited from re-selling or distributing the artwork as-is in its original format. The artwork must be incorporated into a new design to be considered an “end product” for sale.

Read more about or Terms & Conditions or if you have any questions contact us [email protected]

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